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November 21, 2012
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Melting the Heart of Ice

Jack POV

 I sighed and walked along the empty night road. There weren't many people out tonight. Often,  I stopped by every house and looked through the window. I watched as the kids would run to the window and draw over the frost I had put there. I looked down at them, keeping my watch on their smiles, but what really wanted to see was their eyes. I longed for theirs to meet mine. But every time I saw a kid, they never saw me.

I took a break from looking into the houses and just continued to walk on. I need to clear my head. I stopped walking, and hit my staff against the ground. Frost began to crawl from it and it slid down the road. The frost hardened under my feet, and I wiggled my toes at the feel of it. I smiled to myself and pushed my foot down and off against the iced floor. My other foot sled smoothly forward.

Then, I did the same with my sliding foot. Gently pushing off and swiftly skating along the road. I chuckled and stopped before breaking into a run. I would stop ever so often to just slide along. I dragged the bottom of my staff against the floor and made myself spin around in circles. I stopped after a few spins and jumped into the air and floated.

I gracefully flew over houses, and stopped at a particular one. I went to the window and looked inside. I saw a young boy walk into the room, followed by his mother. The boy was wrapped up in a blanket and he was laughing with his mom. At the moment I saw him smile, something inside me had awakened, and I felt warm all over. It was as if seeing him happy, made me happy..

"Lets get into bed now." His mom said with a chuckle. I didn't even realize the window to his room was open.

"Goodnight, Jamie."


Jamie POV

 I smiled as I walked with my mom to my room. We just finished talking about presents for Christmas, and we drank hot chocolate and ate brownies. A perfect formula for a good nights sleep. I climbed into bed, and unwrapped the blanket that was around me. I laid it out over my comforter and then pulled all the blankets up to my chin.

"Goodnight, Jamie." My mom said and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight mom." I replied. She switched off the light and closed the door. I laid down and put my hands behind my head. I can't wait for winter break. It's coming up. I smiled at the thought of no school for two weeks. Just then, a gust of wind came in through my window and I sat up quickly, scared at first. I sighed, relieved, when I realized that it was just my open window. I looked down at the carpet, and noticed some frost on it.

"Huh? How did frost get there? Was it from the wind?" I whispered.

Still, wind kept pouring in, and it began to howl now. I pulled my blankets up and around me, as I started getting cold. Then, I swear I heard a hushed breath. It sounded so close to me too.

"H-hello?" I asked, "Is somebody there?" I looked around. All the blood left my face. I built up the courage to get out of bed. I slowly walked to the window when another burst of wind came in. I covered my face and backed up. When I uncovered my face, I couldn't believe my eyes.

A boy stood in front of me. He had white hair, icy blue eyes that looked as though they can stare right through you, and he wore brown pants with a blue jacket. He was sprinkled with frost in most places . And he was barefooted. I wonder why?

"Hello. What's your name?" I asked.

The boy looked down at me. He seemed a little shocked, and his eyes showed a lot of feeling. They looked as though they haven't been loved in a long time, but now, they finally are.


Jack POV

 I looked down at the young boy and ignored his first question. I was too stunned. He can see me..he can ACTUALLY see me! From the moment I saw him, I knew he was special.

"W-wait.." I held my hand out to him and met his eyes, "Can you see me?" I asked vaguely.

"Um, yeah. Crystal clear." The boy replied, a little confused. I couldn't hold back, I jumped up in the air and cheered. Snow exploded from my hands and it came down gently in the room.

"Yes! Finally!" I landed softly. He smiled and looked at me, amused.

"Wow!" He exclaimed. A snowflake landed on the tip of his nose. He giggled and stared at it. "So, what's your name?" He asked.

"My names Jack. Jack Frost." I replied. His jaw dropped immediately.

"Jack Frost? That's you?! No way! My mom told me about you!" He's so enthusiastic.

"Yeah, the one and only. So what's your name, kid?" I leaned against his dresser.

"I'm Jamie." He held out his hand to me and smiled. I returned the smile and shook his hand before quickly letting go.

"Uh..I should probably let you get to sleep now." I bit my lip. I really didn't want to leave Jamie. He's special. And I feel as though we've just made this strong bond that I can't even explain.

Jamie looked down for a moment and twiddled his thumbs before looking back up at me.

"Aww...well, I guess so." He sighed. I could tell he didn't want me to go either.

"Jamie? What are you doing up there?" His mom asked. I heard her walking up the stairs. I crawled behind the side of Jamie's bed and poked my head out to watch him.

Jamie sat down on the floor and quickly pulled out a random book. He opened it and pretended to read. The door opened and his mom looked down at him.

"Jamie, what are you still doing awake?" She asked.

"Oh, I couldn't sleep yet, so I was just..." He looked at me. I put a finger to my lips and silently said shh. I looked up at his mom. She didn't see me, she only kept her eyes on Jamie.

"I was just reading! To make myself tired so that I could..fall asleep.." He smiled innocently.

"Alright..well get into bed and at least try to sleep." She shut the door.


Jamie POV

I sighed and set the book beside me. I smiled and looked at Jack. He crawled out and sat in front of me.

"You would read..." He looked down at the title of the book, "...A math textbook to help you sleep."

"Hey, I had to improvise." I chuckled quietly.

"Nice cover." Jack said sarcastically but with a smile. "Alright, get some sleep Jamie."

I yawned and nodded at him. I stood up and got into my bed. Jack followed me and watched. I pulled up the blankets and laid on my side, facing the window.

"Goodnight Jack." I whispered.

"Goodnight Jamie." He whispered back. He began walking to the window. He began to climb out when I stopped him.

"Will I see you again?" I asked, a little bummed.

Jack nodded. "Definitely. Tell you what, I'll hang out with you tomorrow."

"Really?" I smiled.

"Really. See you Jamie." He smiled and waved at me one last time before jumping out. I closed my eyes, and fell asleep quickly, still smiling. I can't wait for tomorrow. My day with Jack Frost.
So this is my new fan fiction of Jamie and Jack Frost! What do you guys think? Should I continue it?
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Jayfeathers-My-Fave Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Please continue it!!:iconpuppywantplz:
It;s Jamie and Jack! Of course you should continue. It's cute!
Please continue :)

*Matthew 19:26*
this is so cute :3
MontanaGirl8266 Nov 22, 2012  Student Writer
Awww! You should definately continue! Sooo cute! :D
Sorashota95 Nov 22, 2012
Please continue~ This is very cute <3
:D you must continue, its really good
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